What If your confirmation number is lost or you forgot?

Its OK,If we forget our CONFIRMATION NUMBER while we apply for the DIVERSITY VISA FOR United States for America. कनफअरमेसन  कोड हराएमा के गर्ने ?It can be retrieved.
The confirmation number is a 16 digit letters with number which we get after we apply for the DV.Example-20165KPS1LKE7YSL

—GO TO www.dvlottery.state.gov/esc

  1. PHOTO ..Follow the photo.Do what it has done and read the steps too.
    KLKFKLJS - Copy

————–Now I will show what we need to retrieve/or take out the lost CONFIRMATION NUMBER.
–The result of DV lottery is on the website:  and you need to enter  into the website.
—-Log into the website: http://www.dvlottery.state.gov.esc
—After you LOG IN , You will get to screen where there is buttom called “CONTINUE
—Click the CONTINUE BUTTON. You will see Then BLANK space where you need to enter your  confirmation code, date of birth and your name.

–As you have forgotten you confirmation code, CLICK the  Forgot Confirmation Number “LINK/WORDS
–Now just enter the email that you used, along with your Full name and date of birth
–You should know the email id that was used by you or the visa consultancy firm or any other person who applied for your diversity visa for US. Along with that, You need your Date of birth,DAY/MONTH/YEAR (Example- 1992 Jan 31 ).And Your FULL NAME,(First/Middle and Last Name)Example-(Kiran Kumar Dahal)